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Rewarded Video Ad

In this category of advertisement, most probably your audience will watch your video advertisement to the end to get a reward from the publisher.

Pricing Models


Be shown by fascinating advertising videos.


Increase the traffic of your site by click advertising.


Experience high quality installs in a large scale.


Follow your audiences until their subscription in a network.

Universal Campaigns

To run universal campaigns in Traxnet, all you need is to determine your goal, budget and the maximum bid and give us any advertising content (banner, video) that you got. Leave the rest of the work to Traxnet. Traxnet’s team is ready to offer creative ideas and run them based on a plan to accomplish the biggest campaign goals, during the shortest time interval.

Why Traxnet?


Media Diversity

The most popular digital media available in the world, trust Traxnet with their ad-place. With Traxnet you have access to a wide range of audience that may be just waiting to join your customer base.


Intelligent and Targeted Advertising

Traxnet uses a rich set of data to learn user preferences through a data-driven approach and its intelligent targeting platform will find your audience wherever they are and promote your product to the right person at the right moment.


Professional Campaign Team

Inspiring ideas combined with top-notch execution and organization by Traxnet's team of AMs has allowed Traxnet to hit high-set goals for branding, user acquisition, and lead generation in the shortest possible time frame.

Join the best brands using Traxnet and get access to the best online media and introduce your brand purposefully to a large extend of users in digital environment.