<b>Maximize</b> your   revenue with  Traxnet’s <b>smart Ad mediation</b>

Maximize your revenue with Traxnet’s smart Ad mediation

What is Ad Mediation?

Ad mediation is a technology that sends ad requests to multiple ad networks to ensure publishers find the best available network to fill their ad slots. The mediation platform is responsible to ensure 100% Fill Rate and highest eCPM, by sorting Ad Networks based on their eCPM bid in that location, and then sending requests to those Ad Networks until one of them shows an Ad.

Traxnet’s Mediation

Traxnet, is a smart mediation platform, which uses AI to maximize publishers’ Ad Revenue. In each location, Ad Networks offer different eCPMs, so it is necessary to prioritize Ad Networks per location. But that’s not enough! Ad Networks’ performance change over time, and therefore, we optimize our priority list of Ad Networks using the last 7-days data. Moreover, we include local Ad demand sources and advertisers to ensure that we show the most expensive Ad in each region.

Why Traxnet?

100% Fill Rate

Being connected to more than 15 Ad Networks and over 500 advertisers, we can fairly guarantee that your Fill Rate is always at 100%.

Competitive eCPM

After observing your app and evaluating its capacity, we will offer you eCPMs per each location and Ad Format. Since we are connected to the most powerful advertisers and Ad Networks, our numbers are highly competitive.

Simple SDK

All-in-one SDK (You can connect to all of the global Ad Networks and advertisers, with only one simple SDK. No additional integration is needed.)

Aggregated and on-time Payment & Report

It’s your call. If you already have an account with any of our Ad Networks, it’s OK. You can stay with that. Nevertheless, we can aggregate all payments and pay you your revenue monthly.

Cutting-Edge solution

Behind a single Ad display, we run the most advanced algorithms using our past data to ensure that your traffic is sold to the highest bidder!

Segment Control

We will do the optimization with AI algorithms to maximize your eCPM and revenue. But, you can always set the Network priorities per each location.

  • Standard Banner

  • Rewarded Video Ad

  • Native

  • Pre-Roll Ad

  • Interstitial

Standard Banner

Standard banner ads are the simplest of online advertising. In this type of advertisement, the ad banner is always displayed in part of the app page.

How to become our publisher?

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Implement our SDK
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